Arizona Tiny Home Builder

There is a lot of potential for downsizing and simplify your life in Arizona with a tiny home.  Not only can you reduce your home size, but significantly dropping your cost of living and utilities can be life changing. Even buying land or a lot to reduce maintenance and overhead can obtain the same objective to simplify. In some metro areas, there are developed lots that already have utilities to the property line which simplifies the entire process. However, for those that want a little more “outside” room, buying a lot or larger parcel of land will provide the space and simplicity desired. There are many options when considering a tiny home and consulting with the right contractor and real estate agent is of high importance.

There are a handful of tiny home builders in Arizona, some of which stand out in regards to quality and experience. But before you do anything, check out the resources below for tiny home floor plans, building plans and educational resources. Making the educated decision is likely to lead to the best decision. We recommend you take the time to properly research the given tiny home options and understand the process a little better, before you invest tens of thousands in a home. Good luck!

THR Staff